I design algorithms to understand the world.

My go-to metaphor is spatial. Coordinate axes

I cofounded Whirlscape. We built Dango, using neural networks to embed emoji in 1000 dimensional semantic space. We built Minuum, searching for words in 10 dimensional keyboard space.

I love to explore the role of computation in creative work. If "We make our tools and our tools make us", so building computational models of reality causes us to experience it differently. For instance, I built a toy to simulate the refraction of light through curved surfaces. Now I notice these patterns everywhere.

Lately I've been using neural networks to create images, and I'm newly sensitive to the textures of the world.

In this spirit, I regularly teach workshops, and organize the annual GenArtHackParty, where we teach people how to build generative art, and have a party to show it off. Many past winners had never programmed before, which is a point of pride.


My #1 project these days is Dango. Updates are more infrequent here

3D Coordinates by Oliviu Stoian from the Noun Project