Regular code studies

February 01, 2015 at 03:17 PM | categories: meta, programming

I'm going to try to more regularly put out code studies/demos, with the goal of a regular shipping schedule being a motivator to bring projects to a state of completion. I've set up a page where I'll be putting those studies here.

At the time of this post, I've only got one study done, but I'm going to be targeting a biweekly schedule. Check back for updates!


I did 3 of these before salience shifted elsewhere. So much for the motivational power of public pronouncements.

The beginning

April 21, 2011 at 12:18 PM | categories: meta

I've had this site for a few years now, and it has served as a good way to showcase what I'm working on. Sadly, nothing I've done here outshines my first site, from the '90s, in terms of raw traffic. Who knew bad jokes and bad design had such cachet? And yes, before you ask, that is a <blink> tag.

Screenshot of my most popular page

Netscape Composer: greatest web-design tool

Up until now I've maintained the site exclusively through hand-editing HTML files. This has been a major barrier to me putting up my more recent projects, and so as you'll likely notice, they are generally fairly outdated.

So, having just finished my undergraduate degree (well almost), it's a perfect time for me to revisit this. Hopefully I can get new projects up here more often now that I've decided to use Blogofile, a "static website compiler" instead of a perhaps more standard Wordpress-style route.

Why Blogofile?

Well if you ask Tom he'll roll his eyes and tell you it's because I think Wordpress is "too mainstream". This is probably partly true. But that's not the only reason — here are some others!

  • Legacy I have old content, that doesn't necessarily fit into the blog model, and I don't want to break links.
  • Flexibility Similar to the above, but if I want to create a page that doesn't match the rest of my site, I can do so easily within blogofile.
  • Simplicity I like the simplicity of a website compiler; no need to maintain a MySQL install, I can view and edit everything in plain text if I want
  • Versionability I'm sure some of the fancy blogging software provides this, but nothing beats having my entire website versioned with git
  • Security My server is only serving regular files, no scripts are being run on page loads. This makes it much less likely that a vulnerability in the platform leads to my server being compromised.

This is all fine and good but, I suppose, is secondary to actual useful content. If you're reading this, I have the infrastructure set up now to publish significantly more easily. I hope this will encourage me to polish some of my current half-baked projects and share them with you! Maybe, in time, I can finally top Jokes and Riddles.